Throstle Hall Self catering holiday accommodation

Lancashire Pendle and Forest of Bowland Holiday Cottage

Our commitment to providing green holiday accommodation

Having bought Throstle Hall Country Cottage as a derelict wreck, we realised that we were actually in special position to develop a property that not only looks spectacular, but is as kind as it can be to the environment.

Some of this obviously came about because of the latest local authority building regulations and government requirements for insulation, waste, etc, but much more than that, we had the opportunity to look at renewable energy for heating and water, and at ways to minimise our impact on the environment.

Here are just some of the achievements;

  • ALL the stone for the renovation and for the surrounding dry stone walls came from the immediate vicinity of the cottage
  • Ground source heat pump from Ice Energy. Heat pumps work by collecting heat the ground and moving it into the property - essentially a refrigerator working in reverse. The technology works so well that even when freezing outside - home is still warm and snug. The system is much more efficient than traditional heating systems with average savings of between 50-70% on annual running costs.
  • State-of-the-art wall, floor and roof insulation for maximum heat retention
  • Glass is double glazed
  • Green electricity tariff sourced
  • Water from private borehole (no long distance pipe work)
  • Modern septic tank system
  • Locally sourced contractors/craftspeople used where possible
  • Locally sourced products where possible
  • All appliances are A graded for energy efficiency

For our visitors to the cottage we provide;

  • Information on public transport in the cottage
  • Promotion of the local bus service P70/P71 from Nelson to Clitheroe
  • Advice on local tourism attractions
  • A recycling facility to conform to the Ribble Valley 3 stream recycling programme
  • Advice on reducing waste with regards to water etc in the cottage
  • Advice on non usage of bleaches/detergents etc
  • Towel re-usage is encouraged

The surroundings of the cottage consist on 15 acres of grazing on our land under the Countryside Stewardship Scheme. We have ;

  • Re-instated over 3km of stock fencing around our land perimeter and restored the fields to their original sizes.
  • Erected a wildlife margin and planted 4500 hedgerow plants (hawthorn, blackthorn, hazel, holly, wild rose etc)
  • Planted 350 native British trees along stream water margin

This is to encourage birds, including hedgerow birds, lapwing, curlew and kestrels, etc.

We graze the land with around 150 sheep on a regular basis to maintain the grassland.

A public footpath runs through the land and this is maintained and waymarked.

Forest of Bowland Sustainable Tourism Network

Throstle Hall Cottage 2006
Throstle Hall Cottage 2006

Throstle Hall August 2008
Throstle Hall August 2008